This page will show who will be joining us at Skytop Lodge for the 50th Birthday Party celebration.
Guest RSVP'd
Sue Berryhill (Trotman)
Sue & Geoff Berryhill (Trotman)
William Caldwell
Pam Cook (Arzinger)
Heather Douthit (Vidal)
Bill Dunn
Paul Enderle
Bill Harris
Steven Jones (Jones)
Duane Krappenschitz (Pietschmann)
Loreen Leedy
Mark Lewis
Yvette Lewis
George Limpert
Barbara McClure (class Of 1979 (Schechinger)
Denise Mccoy (Sills)
Johanna Miller
Rob Never Changed It (Ward)
Geno Novak
Melba Saxton
Ron Saxton
Paul Schechinger
Karen Shukaitis (Harris)
Janine Smith (Smith)
Karen Swift (topal)
Betty Thornton (Thornton-Dunn)
India Vale (Ward)
Andrew Williamson