Here's the current list of who will be in joining us in Lewes on October 12th. It's still not too late to join the fun (And get your friends to join the party, too.)
Pam Arzinger
William Caldwell
Bill Dunn
Paul Enderle
Bill Harris
Karen Harris
Patricia Hoban
Steven Jones
Dave Kelly
Loreen Leedy
Mark Lewis
George Limpert
Johanna  Miller
Geno Novak 
Duane  Pietschmann
Harry Rotter
Ron Saxton
Paul Schechinger
Denise Sills
Janine Smith
Betty Thornton-Dunn
karen topal
Sue & Geoff Trotman
Heather Vidal
Rob Ward
Andrew Williamson
Guest RSVP'd
Pam Cook (Arzinger)
Marilynn Kyritsis (Bartley)
Denise Walls (Budischak)
William Caldwell
Matt Douthit
Bill Dunn
Austine Enderle (Enderle)
Austine White (Enderle)
Paul Enderle
Patricia Rohm (Fasick)
Steven Fasick
Beth Vander Decker (Gallagher)
Mike Gallagher
Bill Harris
Karen Shukaitis (Harris)
Susan May (Harris)
Joann White (Henry)
Patricia Hoban (Hoban)
Steven Jones (Jones)
Loreen Leedy
Mark Lewis
Yvette Lewis
George Limpert
Yvonne Gormel (Maurer)
Maureen Macy (Mcclelland)
Kay Drozdowski (Mcmahon)
Johanna Miller
Terry Reed (Neale)
Cyndy White (Neidigh)
Geno Novak
Carol White (O'neill)
Duane Krappenschitz (Pietschmann)
Duane Krappenshitz (Pietschmann)
Terri Thomas (Reilly)
Melba Saxton
Ron Saxton
Barbara Mcclure (Class Of 1979 (Schechinger)
Paul Schechinger
Robin Richeson (Schweizer)
Denise Mccoy (Sills)
Janine Smith (Smith)
Betty Thornton (Thornton-dunn)
Karen Swift (Topal)
Geoff Trotman
Sue Berryhill (Trotman)
Sue & Geoff Berryhill (Trotman)
Lynn Vester (Vester)
Heather Douthit (Vidal)
India Vale (Ward)
Rob Never Changed It (Ward)
Sidney White (White - Montoya)
Andrew Williamson