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My first concert - one of the best days of my life!
One Saturday in February, 1977, one of my most beloved, most talented, high school friends, Sue Berryhill drove me, Diane D, Pete D, Heidi Y and anonymous others to Phila., PA to see Queen at the Civic Center. We spent the day exploring the City and Sue made a movie of our experiences. At night, we got to see Queen. I'm sure the rest of them suffered through the concert, but Heidi and I loved it. I think of it more often then most of the days I spent in the school. You know, that's probably because I wasn't in school all that often! I don't think Sue knows how special that day was for me or that she was the reason I was able to go there. I just want everyone in our class who didn't already know how great Sue is, that, indeed, she is. She's a true friend that will do all she can to help you. I was better for knowing her.
And, admit it, Queen turned out to be quite an awesome band, don't you think? I was able to see the boys three more times before the world lost Freddie. They are still in my Ipod! "These were the Days of Our Lives" Image