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Profile picture Kevin Ammons
About 10 of us have joined Facebook to keep in touch, if would like to join us in daily conversations, go to and create a profile. Do a search for Dickinson 1977 and you will find us....

Profile picture Andrew Williamson Re: Facebook
Thomas is going to the Dickinson "50" @ Sky Top ! 1:12pm - Comment - Show Comments (21)Hide Comments (21)

Sue Berryhill Trotman at 5:43pm January 21

Janine Smith at 5:49pm January 21
Looking forward to catching up with old friends.

Terri Fidance at 6:19pm January 21
Mee Tooo

Ronald Saxton at 6:26pm January 21
Can't wait maybe the weather will be a little warmer

Thomas McCormick at 7:09pm January 21
do they have croquet? lmao

Sue Berryhill Trotman at 8:52pm January 21
They have a SHOOTING RANGE! Yikes!

Janine Smith at 9:07pm January 21
Don't forget minature golf, archery, arcades and most important lawn bowling.

Sue Berryhill Trotman at 6:22pm January 22
Actually, they have PAINTBALL. Can be TONS of fun, but could be pricey for the equipment rentals. Boys against the Girls?

Janine Smith at 7:13pm January 22
Better yet, why not Skyline against Stanton in Paintball.

Mary Pat Mills Hayden at 9:09pm January 22
Skyline classmates have always been in great shape. As we have aged we are even better. Skyline will conquer.

Becky White Petlicki at 9:18pm January 22
You Know it, Mary Pat!!! Hold your head up to the sky, as the Jaguars pass you by!

Sue Berryhill Trotman at 9:22pm January 22
OMG Becky! StOp, you're killin me!

Janine Smith at 9:37pm January 22
Becky, how do you remember that! I was a cheerleader and I don't remember that!

Nancy Anderson at 9:43pm January 22
OMG I was a Skyline Cheerleader in 7th and I remember that cheer! Pass em pass em high and low, come on JAGUARS lets go! (jump kick).

Becky White Petlicki at 9:45pm January 22
Hey Activities director! Are we going to have karoake? Dancing?

Janine Smith at 9:46pm January 22
He must be in bed. We are having all this fun and he's missing it.

Nancy Anderson at 10:28pm January 22
How about plane rides?

Thomas McCormick at 8:23am January 23
Holy Crap!!! What happened here??? this is so frickin funny ... BS Stanton Rules - even though we were dummies we have all the athletic abilities !!! duhhhhhh

I see all sorts of championships, bracketing, betting, gambling, police, arrests, ponzi schemes ... hahahaahha

Thomas McCormick at 8:24am January 23
OMG Karoake would be awesome !!!! dancing? I am white remember?

Thomas McCormick at 8:54am January 23
Sky Top mamangement has made a very serious mistake by agreeing to take OUR group ... shit is going down ... !!!

Sue Berryhill Trotman at 5:09pm January 23
We should move this to the John Dickinson Class of 1977 group page, but it's tough to find sometimes! I have to go into my INFO to click on it. We need a teenager to show us how.