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My $0.02
Wow! Four days later and I am still buzzed about the terrific time we had on Saturday night. Of course it was great to talk with old high school friends I sadly see but once every five years, but I...
Last Post: Oct 16th 2007
Author: wkharrisjr
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The reunion
To all who helped put the evening together, I wanted to send out a special thank you. It was a special night. It went by so quickly and I didn't seem to have enough time to catch up with everyone. ...
Last Post: Sep 28th 2007
Author: Flynch2
# of posts: 13
We had a great time at the 30th...thanks to the committee and everybody that pitched in! I talked to a bunch of people, but missed a bunch more. Guess I'll have to make up for that at the big 50th...
Last Post: Sep 27th 2007
Author: klehman22
# of posts: 1
Pre-Party Thanks
Reunion Pre-partiers,

To all of those who attended the Pre-Party last friday, my personal thanks for making it so much fun. Almost 70 from the class were in attendance... nearly half...
Last Post: Sep 23rd 2007
Author: GaryAllegretto
# of posts: 3
Pride and Joy
Gary, It was a wonderful night/weekend! You're so right that it is special that everyone still cares so much about our 3 years together. I know there is a saying that you can't recapture your youth...
Last Post: Sep 20th 2007
Author: GaryAllegretto
# of posts: 2