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Missing List
Hello All: Great job on all that I see here. I have been in phone contact with most of the committee over last two months, know everyone is busy but collectively no one called back! This site...
Last Post: Sep 12th 2007
Author: DW
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Wasn't certain which section was best, but guessing this is as good as any...

Just wanted to say THANKS to the Class of '77 leadership for doing all of the work that's needed for this...
Last Post: Aug 27th 2007
Author: malloy0
# of posts: 2
Thanks for the suggestion. We put a list as one of the first threads in the message board. At this point we have almost an additional 25 people who said they were coming but have not formally...
Last Post: Aug 22nd 2007
Author: ygarces1
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Reunion committee
Ditto to Mike Malloy about you guys who are doing all the leg work for this upcoming reunion. My brother graduated in 1976 and they have not gotten a reunion going for years...We are lucky to have a...
Last Post: Aug 8th 2007
Author: Heather
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Pictures From Past Reunion
At our last reunion, we had disposable cameras scattered throughout the event. Does anyone have the pictures from those cameras? If so, let us know and we can get them posted on this site.
Last Post: Jul 31st 2007
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