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I still have the 45 record does any else remember it?
Last Post: Oct 24th 2017
Author: hobbes34
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Ort Smith
Does anybody remember that great Dickinson high school cafeteria. I remember getting hit in the back of the head during a food fight with a piece of chocolate cake, those sure were some good...
Last Post: Oct 24th 2017
Author: ortsmith77
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My first concert - one of the best days of my life!
One Saturday in February, 1977, one of my most beloved, most talented, high school friends, Sue Berryhill drove me, Diane D, Pete D, Heidi Y and anonymous others to Phila., PA to see Queen at the...
Last Post: Oct 20th 2011
Author: Delawitch
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High School Years
What can I say now about those crazy high school years at JDHS. The booze, the women, the partying. It all seems like a beautiful dream now. All that fast living made me old before my time. Do...
Last Post: Aug 28th 2007
Author: Osmith
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