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Andy's Photo Album

SEPTEMBER 4, 2007  NOTE: The Pictures of Mazz's Car Have Been Added!

This is a collection of some pictures I took in high school.  There are four groups of pictures here that I put in a single album.

1.  Andy Williamson, the Original Renaissance Man.  This was part of my campaign for class president.  It was to demonstrate how I could relate to all groups within the school.  Guess it worked.

2.  Duane is a Head.  I used my friend Duane Pietschmann as a "poster child" for the "heads."  

3.  Barbee Goes Bananas.   I stay up late and work on projects.  One night I got the idea to take my sister's Barbie doll and a banana and hold a photo shoot on my mom's stove top.  Don't ask me why.

4.  Mazz Gets a New Car. I was into cars back then and I helped my friend Mike Mazzarelli pick out a new car.  We drove into Elsmere one day and selected this choice vehicle that he purchased for $150--it was "worth" it just for the laughs!  [NOTE: Mike was over my house the other night and reminded me the car only cost $75!]

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