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After the After-Party

After the reunion, we went to the After-Party at TGI Fridays.  At 2 AM some of us went to the After-After Party in room 410.  The manager came up to the room and kicked us out because they were getting complaints about the noise.  If you have and pictures from room 410, post them here.  To give you an idea of what went on in the room, take a look at these videos.

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To see Tom and Trish in bed, click on the link below...

To see Heather, Trish, and Yvonne in bed, click on the link below...

After we got kicked out of the room, we returned to the atrium at about 3 AM.  By 4 AM, the manager came down and said they had already gotten 5 complaints about the noise so we had to settle down.  We stayed there until about 5:30.  (Although the chef said someone from Dickinson was asleep on the couch when they were setting up for Sunday breakfast!  Who was that?)

Then we came back down for breakfast at 9 AM.  (Oh the pain.)

Any after-after reunion party pictures can be posted here.
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