A moment in time recreated   1977 - 2007
A moment in time recreated 1977 - 2007

40th Reunion - Sept 2017

Who else but the class of 77 would turn a one night event into a three day weekend.  Thank you to Mr. Lee for the Dickinson tour, Terry Reed for the Shyline tour, Billy Caldwell and Gary Allegretto for pulling together the Preparty on Friday, Dave Kelly for the golf outing, the Four Points Sheraton for putting up with our nonsense, and the folks that pulled together tyhe brunch at Deerpark.  Thank you to Tony Goland for sponsoring the Photo Booth so we have all these uninhibited photos of us!  Many thanks to the folk that donated tickets or money to help other classmates attend.  We had a turnout of over 150 and other classes can't imagnine how we pull it off!

30th Reunion Pictures

September 15th, 2007 at the Embassy Suites in Newark.
Kevin 'Never Been to a Reunion Before' Gregson ... looking awesome!!

More 30th Reunion Photos!

Too many pictures for just one album!

Class Field Trips and Gatherings

Class Field Trip, Holiday Parties, Dinners, Dating . . . anytime more than three classmates are gathered together, post your photos here.


The After-Party at TGI Fridays

From midnight until about 2 AM we were at TGI Fridays.  I never did really understand why the police came to the establishment.  It wasn't any of the Dickinson classmates who referred to the waitress by that derogatory term.  Seriously.  It was one of those two younger girls who should have been with their parents at the time.  And why couldn't we buy a drink at the bar?  We had to buy everything from the section that we were assigned to.  Even though some strange things happened there, it was still fun and nobody got arrested.  All's well that ends well.

After the After-Party

After the reunion, we went to the After-Party at TGI Fridays.  At 2 AM some of us went to the After-After Party in room 410.  The manager came up to the room and kicked us out because they were getting complaints about the noise.  If you have and pictures from room 410, post them here.  To give you an idea of what went on in the room, take a look at these videos.

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To see Tom and Trish in bed, click on the link below...

To see Heather, Trish, and Yvonne in bed, click on the link below...

After we got kicked out of the room, we returned to the atrium at about 3 AM.  By 4 AM, the manager came down and said they had already gotten 5 complaints about the noise so we had to settle down.  We stayed there until about 5:30.  (Although the chef said someone from Dickinson was asleep on the couch when they were setting up for Sunday breakfast!  Who was that?)

Then we came back down for breakfast at 9 AM.  (Oh the pain.)

Any after-after reunion party pictures can be posted here.

Gary Allegretto at the Blue Parrot

We don't just have a 30th Reunion.  We have a pre-reunion party that's bigger than most JDHS reunions!  Over 60 classmates were entertained by Gary the night before the reunion.  Check out the pictures here.
Steve Cilento on one of our dates..he really knew how to show a girl the town!  contributed by Dawn Palmer McGee

JDHS Memories - 2

So many people posted photos in the first JDHS album, we filled it.  Here is more space for posting pictures.
Cheryl Grove Massaro & Rick Massaro

And They Called It Puppy Love

Here's a place to put prom pictures, prom weekend pictures, and shots of couples in general.
Forest Oak Elementary - Grade 4  Tracy Jones, ?, Cathy Kerns, ?, Debbie Gordon, ?, Brenda Batzel, ? // Bob Bell, Mark Jo

The Early Years

Photos from elementary and middle schools.   
Can help with identification? The names in () are unsure.  Help us find the "?" names and identify the ().  [Post your answers on the messge board for the committee to load the names.]  Good Luck!

Betty (Anne) Thornton, Bill Dunn, Megan(20), John David (18),   Willy(11)

Here & Now

Post photos of your current life and family, hobbies, boats, bikes, houses, and pets in this collection. 
(Be sure to note the names of the people in the picture
just in case we don't recognize you!)

Mazz distracting the reunion committee with his stories.

Here and Now - 2

Here's more space for "Here and Now" photos!

?, Steve Cilento, Kees Bakker, Rick Massaro

Reunion 1997

What does a reunion look like?  These photos are from the TWENTY year reunion.  They were taken by instamatic table cameras and the quality leaves much to be desired.  If you can help identify any of these people who are not identified, leave the committee a message. 
George Limpert and Harry Rotter

25th Reunion

Photos from our June 2002 Get Together.

Andy's Photo Album

SEPTEMBER 4, 2007  NOTE: The Pictures of Mazz's Car Have Been Added!

This is a collection of some pictures I took in high school.  There are four groups of pictures here that I put in a single album.

1.  Andy Williamson, the Original Renaissance Man.  This was part of my campaign for class president.  It was to demonstrate how I could relate to all groups within the school.  Guess it worked.

2.  Duane is a Head.  I used my friend Duane Pietschmann as a "poster child" for the "heads."  

3.  Barbee Goes Bananas.   I stay up late and work on projects.  One night I got the idea to take my sister's Barbie doll and a banana and hold a photo shoot on my mom's stove top.  Don't ask me why.

4.  Mazz Gets a New Car. I was into cars back then and I helped my friend Mike Mazzarelli pick out a new car.  We drove into Elsmere one day and selected this choice vehicle that he purchased for $150--it was "worth" it just for the laughs!  [NOTE: Mike was over my house the other night and reminded me the car only cost $75!]


Pot is No Good

This is another series from Andy.  It is an "anti" drug story.  It shows how there were different groups in the school, some got high and others didn't.  Bad things could happen to you if you did drugs.  It shows a good mix of some of the characters back then.
Senior Year float

Class Floats

The Class of 1977 won the annual Homecoming Float every year we entered! We enjoyed making floats that we even entered on in the 1976 Bicentennial celebration.
Wayne Bolt and Scott Carpenter running hurdles Spring Track 1977.  This photo is in the yearbook supplement, but conside

Sports Photos by George

George Limpert had over 500 pictures of classmates in various sports.  Here he shares some of his favorite pictures.  (Check back soon to see George's postings.)